Harris's Sparrow – a Winter Favorite

Can you believe that when people think of Oklahoma, they often think it’s the armpit of the country… or at least close to that?!!#$ (It doesn’t help that the state’s two senators are… well, who they are!)

But when birders around the country think of Oklahoma, they have a much more favorable impression — because […]

Yellow-billed Loon: What's with the neck?

Loons and gulls… those are what keep me sane during the winter season. Lake Hefner, one of the Oklahoma City municipal reservoirs, is only a few miles from my house and a great place for birding. During the winter we often get ~6 Common Loons and — really exciting for me — Thayer’s, Herring, Glaucous […]

The Snow Bird

Dark-eyed Junco aka "Snow Bird"

This little bird is often called the Snow Bird because it is reported to come to southern climates ahead of the winter snows. I’ve had an abundance of them at my feeders this winter and this week’s ice, sleet and snow storms created a perfect landscape to showcase it’s […]

Trumpeter Swans Up Close

Trumpeter Swans (with Mallard)

It is always exciting when swans decide to winter in Oklahoma. Birders on the OKBirds listserv keep everyone aware of swan sightings and the birds sometimes find Oklahoma ponds a welcome place to spend at least part of the winter months. Tundra Swans are the most rare of the swan […]

Snow Geese on Ice

Snow Geese, Canada Geese

What is a frozen lake good for? Well, when the record-setting cold came through this month (low of 6; high of 18) for several days, Lake Hefner froze almost completely. The lake is my favorite, close to home birding spot and I’m there at least 5 days a week looking […]

Rosy, the Rufous Hummingbird

It’s very unusual for hummingbirds to hang around during winters in Oklahoma. Typically the Ruby-throated or Black-chinned Hummingbirds (the ones most frequently seen in the state) leave by late September. On occasion, a hummer will show up at feeders well past the time to migrate. And on these rare occasions, the hummer is sometimes a […]

Thanksgiving with Mountain Bluebirds

Mountai Bluebird, female

On 2009’s Thanksgiving Day I spent the afternoon at the Wichita Mountains Nat’l Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, Oklahoma. It’s my favorite place in Oklahoma for day trips because the scenery is stunning even when the birding might not be.

It was a beautiful clear day and, as I had hoped, most […]

When work gets in the way


I’m delighted to be back with this updated version of my Backyard Bird Cam blog! It’s been more than a year since my last post and I’ve been grateful that people continued to visit this site and on occasion leave a great message.

A lot of priorities were shifted in the fall of […]

It Isn't Always What It Seems

I had a great lesson this spring in bird identification: don’t assume that you’ve correctly identified the bird you are observing, just because it looks like and acts like a familiar bird. Here’s what happened… A friend called me one Saturday morning and said she had an immature Barred Owl on the lawn in her […]

Testing new backyard bird camera

It’s been a busy spring and this po’ blog has sure taken a backseat to projects for my clients (yes, having to make $$) and spring migration, when more than 120 bird species pass through or arrive in Oklahoma. Busy, I have been! And I have two bird experiences I’d especially like to share in […]