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Anna’s Hummingbird

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This is a photo of an Anna’s Hummingbird I photographed on my X0th birthday…

Never expected to see an Acorn Woodpecker in Oklahoma

It was a great way to start the new year — hearing that an Acorn Woodpecker had been sighted at the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, OK. This woodpecker species can sometimes be seen in New Mexico but is much more familiar to birders in Arizona!

The sighting in early January 2012 was […]

Baby Barn Swallows

In my previous post about the Barn Swallow nest, I wished that I had been able to see the young ones in the nest after they hatched. With a little patience, and prolific breeding on the part of the Barn Swallows, I got what I wished for! In late July, the same nest was in […]

Barn Swallow nesting

Barn Swallows are very common, even in the urban areas of Oklahoma City. I see them in large numbers around Lake Hefner, my daily birding escape, but I don’t pay enough attention to them. I realized this after finding a Barn Swallow on a nest this spring and learning that I had never taken a […]

Do you know this baby bird?

This photo was taken June 22, 2010 just a few hours after this young bird left the nest box. I don’t think I’d be able to ID this fledgling, especially from this angle, unless I paid attention to the tail feathers. Could you?

I’ve been spending time during the past few weeks monitoring two Baltimore […]

Great Horned Owl - Baby without a nest

Great Horned Owl chick

Since Great Horned Owls start nesting in January — one of (if not the) first nesting birds of the year — the winter doldrums are helped when I can find a nest to watch and photograph. My OkieBirdCam friend, Terri Underhill, is always looking for nests and usually has much […]