Snow Geese on Ice

Snow Geese, Canada Geese

What is a frozen lake good for? Well, when the record-setting cold came through this month (low of 6; high of 18) for several days, Lake Hefner froze almost completely.  The lake is my favorite, close to home birding spot and I’m there at least 5 days a week looking for birds to photograph.

Frigid temps don’t make for easy birding but a frozen lake?!  How was I going to find the loons and ducks?  Wow! What a wonderful surprise when I found that Canada Geese seem to really like standing on a frozen lake. And while I was watching and photographing a flock of >400 Canadas, a magnificent flock of Snow Geese dropped down to join them!   I’m still going through the other photos I took to see if I can ID any Ross’s Geese in the flock.

I grabbed this pic while they were still landing. Such a beautiful sight — plus the sound of all the geese was like mother nature’s chorus.  Seriously!

It isn’t often that I get to see Snow Geese so my joy was magnified by their numbers.  And I got to see all of this because the lake was frozen…

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