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Behind the scenes at the Backyard Bird Cams

Pat's Backyard Bird Cam is located in northwest Oklahoma City about eight miles from the downtown area. 

BirdCam #1 and BirdCam #2 are Axis 2100 network cameras. I am testing another brand, TrendNet, for the recently added BirdCam #3.  The cameras automatically capture the images and transfer them to the web hosting server. The cameras have remarkable focal length and can be focused from within a few millimeters to infinity. The feeder in the foreground is only 12 inches from the lens of Bird Cam #1. The farthest feeder (on the left) is about 3 feet from the lens. Bird Cam #2 is about 36 inches from the ground feeder allowing for a view that includes the birds on the feeder and in front of it.

We built camera boxes to shelter the cameras from the weather and other things that drop from the sky around bird feeders.  I built the ground feeders in view on Bird Cam #2 from scrap lumber. While they aren't perfect (or square) the birds, especially the White-winged Doves, enjoy feeding from them in spite of the flaws. 

My cats Millie (left) & Tippi (right) also enjoy spending time in the backyard and are sometimes visible walking in front of Bird Cam #2. And Sunshine, a feral kitten has joined our home and is spending time in the backyard also.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions about our Backyard Bird Cam. E-mail:

Pat's Backyard BirdCams are on habitat certified in the National Wildlife Federation's worldwide network of mini-refuges. 
Backyard Wildlife Habitat™ site No. 40887.