Piping Plover 
Charadrius melodus

This bird is classified as "threatened" and is protected under the Endangered Species Act.

The Piping Plover pictured in the three photos (above) photographed 12 April 2008 at Lake
Hefner (Oklahoma City). Research on the leg bands provided information from
Prairie and
Northern Wildlife Research Center in Saskatoon
on the bird's history. This Piping Plover
was originally from Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan. It was one of several chicks that
were captive reared in 2002 when the reservoir water rapidly rose during the nesting period,
threatening to flood all nests.  The eggs were taken to a captive rearing facility in the US
then brought back to Chaplin Lake, Saskatchewan to be released once they had achieved fledging.

Photo: 2006-2008 Patricia Velte

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