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Recommended sites for more information

More Bird Cams:

Okie Bird Cam
Located on a heavily wooded acreage in north Edmond.
Learn about BirdCam locations around the world.
Images of nesting Eastern Screech-Owl in the spring.

The Overlook Circle Feeder Cam
Backyard feeders in Bloomington, Minnesota


Oklahoma City Audubon Society
Newsletter lists recent events, birding stories.

Oklahoma Audubon
Important Bird Area nominations

WildCare Foundation
Bird and animal rehabilitation facility in Noble, OK

The Audubon Society

American Birding Association


Birds of Oklahoma
Bill Horn's gallery of stunning photographs and information about our state's birds.

Jim Arterburn - Oklahoma Birder
One of Oklahoma's most experienced and knowledgeable birders showcases shorebirds,
gulls as well as rare and hybrid species.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Virtual Birder
Birding in Oklahoma

Birds/Wild Birds @ About.Com
Christine Tarski hosts dozens of categories of interest to birders.

Where to Bird in Oklahoma

George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center

Comprehensive selection of wild bird information, articles, on-line lifelist, and the mall.

ABC WebCam
A directory of webcams around the world.

Bird Video Sharing
Marvelous video of birds from around the world.

Bird Watching Binoculars
The provides useful information about a wide variety of binoculars and tips on  features to shop for.
Investing in new binoculars is a serious decision. This site will help you research the best binoculars for your needs, find them at the cheapest price, and make the right decision when buying new binoculars or spotting scopes.

Favorite Birding Blogs

Sibley Guides Notebook
Bird guide author and illustrator David Sibley writes about birding experiences and updates to his field guides.

Life, Birding, Photos and Everything
Kathy Dennis shares stories and photos of birds.

Julie Zickafoose
Artist, author and birder, Julie Zickafoose writes excellent posts about the birds and critters around her home.

Laura Erickson
Author and photographer Laura Erickson, the self-proclaimed Dr. Ruth of Birds, enjoys sharing her love of birds and nature.

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